Rocco Barone was born in Alezio, Italy on January 7, 1949. He studied painting at the Italian Government Art School in Lecce and graduated with a „Master of Arts“ degree. Following graduation he continued his studies for four more years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. At the completion of his studies he worked as a professional artist in Rome. Since then he had several exhibitions in Italy and got many awards for his work.

In 1975 he moved with his family to the Frankfurt area in West Germany. His style, „deformation“, is based on metaphysics, surrealism and newer techniques in painting. This style realizes a dimension, which is outside of our three-dimensional weltanschauung. It combines astronomical and mathematical form with psychological elements.

In 1978 Barone obtained his certificate as an art-teacher in Rome.

Method of Performance

Oil on Canvas    Tempera  •  Aquarell (type of waterbased paint)    Pastel  •  Graphiks  •   Lithography  •  Plastic and Sculpture

Public Purchase in Germany

Public buying-in in the period from 1979 to 2010 (excerpts):

  • GEW Frankfurt (Trade union for education and science)
  • Culture Department of Wiesbaden; Public Record Office of Hessen, Wiesbaden
  • Network of Vocational Education of Hessen; German Federal Labor Office of Hessen
  • County of Main-Taunus, Hofheim; Tax Office of Schwalmstadt, Clinic Lahnberg, Marburg
  • Various banks, such as for example „Genossenschaftsbank“, Kriftel; Taunussparkasse“, Frankfurt;  „Nassauische Sparkasse“, Kriftel.

There were also public buying-in by the cities Hattersheim, Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, Hochheim/Main, Ingelheim, Hofheim, Rüsselsheim and Kriftel.

Public Commissions

County of Main-Taunus (1984): Metal-sculpture placed in an isle of plants at the school „Weingartenschule“ in Kriftel (iIt was worked up 300 kilogram of
silvermetalic varnished aluminium, height 3 meters);
Commune of Kriftel (1991): Fontaine of granite at the station (weight 7 tons, height 2 meters);
Regional Park, MTK (2006): 3 wooden sculptures (height 6 meters).

Awards, Prizes

1974    Bronze medal and honorary document at the national competition of contemporary art in Massino Visconti/Italy

1978    Third prize at the poster-competition during the annual exhibition of the artists of Frankfurt

1984    Gold medal and honorary document at the regional competition of painting, Palazzo dei Congressi, Stresa/Italy

1990    Silver anniversery medal „Kriftel 1200“ for participating at the organisation of the art events in Kriftel/Germany

2014    International Award for Culture "Qualitá e Merito per l'Arte" from European Culture Center "A. Moro" and the "'Association Européenne Des

            Enseignants" in Lecce/Italy


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